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Welcome to The BlessedVisionary, by Shawn Ricci

If you have been looking for a new way to live and a new source of inspiration to help you achieve a balanced well being and a way to manifest positive things and achieve in abundance in your life, then you have come to the right place.

Hi, I’m Shawn Ricci and I own and operate the BlessedVisionary with my faithful team of fellow visionaries. We program, we research, we read, research, and we find new ways to get this information out to you our loyal readers in order that we may better your lives and ours through the process. For to receive one must give, it is the only way, and the way the world works.

Are you Prepared to Improve You Life Today, from every Angle!


Not only are we going to show you how to truly better your life through the power that each of  us already possesses but doesn’t understand how to unlock, but we will also take a look at simple every day problems in our personal lives, spiritual lives, financial, and physical lives that are holding us back  from achieving our desired greatness and reaching our potential. From countless books by famous authors, seminars, and years of my own ups and downs from founding successful companies to raising a family and nearly losing everything 2 times over, I have so much to share with you that I am positive you will greatly benefit from.

Many of us just go through traditional methods of dealing with these things do not utilize all the resources we now have available to us.  I am here to help you change that and bring these things to you on a daily basis. We are going to rinse and repeat a lot, as practice makes perfect and we need to ensure that all of our readers have a chance to see each one of these messages.

For offers we are going to focus on issues that each of us as Americans must deal with you, and as mundane is at sounds, it is reality, so we might as well just face it and get it done with.  The sooner we can clear these necessities out of the way and focus on our musts we can achieve so much more without lives petty little distractions and required tasks in our way.

Face it, we all have to get around town, so must of us have cars, and with that comes gas, insurance, repairs, warranties, and more. We all have families or loved ones and friends and we all need money and deal with the same issues with houses, security, mortgages, banking, credit cards, credit scores, financial aid or assistance, education, and so on. The sooner we can master all of this and get it as set and forget as possible, we have less and less taking up our time where we could truly be manifesting greatness.

Let’s be honest, no one ever became great by having a good credit score or settling their tax bills or getting a killer rate on a cell phone plan, but hey!!! We all need these things.


Motivational Speakers and lessons to build the life you want from the bottom up, starting with you.

Educational Material to build relationships that will ensure your success.

Finding out who you are and what your values are and how to live by them to achieve fulfillment.

How to give and improve the lives of others, as this is the only way to also enrich your own life.

How to deal with the mundane tasks and requirements of every day life so that they do not distract you from your goals. This will include: Auto Insurance, Auto Warranty, Home Warranty, Health Insurance, Other insurances, Tax Help and Counseling, Personal counseling, Credit Card Information, SSD Assistance if you qualify or have a case, How to deal with Legal Issues and resources to do so, Communication offer such as internet and cell phone promotions and offers that simplify your needs, and many other details we as people have to deal with in order to live today.

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Keep your wallet safe from spendy repair bills on your home.

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Instead of owing taxes, get a refund.

Auto Warranties

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Health Insurance

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Communications Offers

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